Dear Mommy and Daddy, Small baby with laptop

Today is my two-month birthday!  Are we going to have a party, maybe with extra milk?

I got scared this morning. I had to cry really loud to get you to come pick me up. I was worried when you didn’t hear me whimper the first time, and I didn’t understand where you were. You usually run right over the minute I make a tiny sound.  I know when I want something, I need to make some noise and you’ll help. I learned that all by myself… pretty smart, aren’t I?

When you picked me up, you were talking about how tired you were and that it was still dark outside. You didn’t even turn on any lights and said, “Please eat fast so we can go back to sleep.”  Are mommies and daddies supposed to be so tired when it’s dark?  I wasn’t tired at all!

So I was a good boy and ate really fast. No talking just eating, and I was back in my cradle before I knew it. But then something didn’t feel good, my tummy hurt.  You were gone, and I had to cry again to get your attention.  I wanted you to make me feel better. This time daddy picked me up. He put me on his shoulder and patted my back, and you guessed it…I let out a big burp. Boy did I feel better! Daddy, you sure know what to do, even with your eyes closed

Before I fell asleep I was thinking about the last two months. Everything is new and I like it.  My last home was wet and dark and always the same. But not here, it is bright and sunny, it smells different each day, I look handsome in my onesies, (especially like the one that has a picture of a baby bottle on it and says, “I drink until I pass out!”), and I’m meeting lots of new people who always bring me presents. Oh, that reminds me, I heard you say that my favorites, Grandma and Grandpa, are coming over tonight to “babysit.” Sure hope that doesn’t mean they are going to sit on me.

I heard you talking about something called “date night”.   Not really sure what that is, but it must be good because you were kissing each other and smiling. Oh, I love you both so much. Can I go on ‘date night,’ too?

Another thing that makes me so happy is that I have two new best friends…Lucy and Desi. They are called dogs and look different from mommy and daddy. They are soft and furry and I am allowed to gently touch their back. But, mommy, you yelled at Desi when he licked my face! It tickles and I don’t mind, but you do, and you’re the boss! When I’m trying to sleep and they bark, you shush them.  But it’s OK.  When I am tired I will still fall asleep.  I am used to all the noise — that womb was not a quiet place!

Well, my tummy is starting to growl again. Time to eat!  But I want to ask you for a favor before I eat. This bath thing… I haven’t decided if I really like it or not. The fun part is when you sing to me, but the bad part is when you pour water on my head to wash my hair and it goes in my eyes and on my face. I always cry, even though I try really hard not to.  Do you think you could wash my hair last and hold a dry washcloth over my eyes when you pour the water on my head? It would make it so much better, and then I wouldn’t cry. But please don’t forget to sing my songs!

Oh, and don’t worry if I pee in the tub. I heard all babies do that…the warm water is so relaxing, it just happens.  Ahhh!

I am so happy you’re my mommy and daddy! You’re really starting to get this baby thing almost perfect.  I feel like the luckiest boy in the world!