th-30The Holidays Are Over…Now What?  

 Parents email me questions all the time asking for solutions for their baby and toddler issues. Thought I would share some “Help” tips to make those times easier.  Check back often as new questions arise on a daily basis. 

can’t believe it’s a new year…but I can believe that your babies and toddles are not back on schedule after the fun holidays. Here are a few of my favorite tips to help:

  • If you can’t get your baby or toddler to settle down for their nap, try warming a receiving blanket in the dryer. Swaddle your baby or cover your toddler with the toasty blanket and turn on their sound machine or music…Ahh! It’s Naptime! 
  • If your toddler refuses to nap, tell him it’s going to be quiet time and that he can look at some books. Keep some special books just for quiet or bedtime and swap them once a month. Again, turn on the sound machine or music and tell him you will come back soon. You’ll be amazed when you check the monitor and he is sound asleep.
  •  When your baby or toddler are napping or having quiet time, take a power nap. It will do wonders for the rest of your day. It’s so important to take care or yourself.
If you have favorite tips to get you little ones back on schedule after the holidays, send them to me to be entered in a contest to win a FAB gift!  baby

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My use of he or she applies to both genders.